Caprice DURO Paper Range

The Duro product range provides a high quality yet economical solution for Australian hospitality, washroom and industry. With superior strength, absorbency and versatility, the range meets the needs of today’s consumers.

Duro Roll Towel
The DURO roll towel offers fast
absorption and versatility making it
the more economical option.
Rolls per carton: 16
Meters per roll: 80
Suits Dispenser: DISP4941
DURO Toilet Paper
Individually wrapped offering a
comfortable 2-ply sheet
Rolls per carton: 48
Sheets per roll: 400
Suits dispenser:DISP4976 or DISP4978
DURO Jumbo Toilet Paper
A 2-ply comfortable, practical and simple
hygiene solution for high volume washrooms
Rolls per carton: 8
Meters per roll: 300
Suits dispenser: 70260, 70210 or DISPJUMBORES
DURO Compact
Interleaved Towel
Offers premium grade dependability
and absorbency
Sleeves per carton: 20
Sheets per Sleeve: 120
Sheet Size: 25cm x 20cm
Suits dispenser: DISP70240
DURO Interleaved Towel
This product offers high-grade strength
and absorbency making it an
excellent and dependable option
Sleeves per carton: 16
Sheets per Sleeve: 150
Sheet Size: 24cm x 23cm
Suits dispenser: DISPDPIL
DURO Slimfold
Interleaved Towel
Offers superiror strenght, versatility
and absorbency
Sleeves per carton: 16
Sheets per Sleeve: 200
Sheet Size: 23cm x 23cm
Suits dispenser: DISPDPIL

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