Caprice Paper Range

An Australian favourite for over two decades, the Caprice signature range provides the reliable quality that Caprice is known for. With a wide range of toilet tissue and super-absorbent hand towels, Caprice is a sure bet for any washroom.

Caprice Roll Towel
The roll towel offers fast superior
drying qualities and excellent
Rolls per carton: 16
Meters per roll: 80
Suits Dispenser: DISP4941
Caprice Ultrasoft Toilet Paper
Individually wrapped offering a
luxurious 2-ply option for
your washroom
Rolls per carton: 48
Sheets per roll: 400
Suits dispenser: DISP4978 or DISP4976
Caprice Jumbo Toilet Paper
A 2-ply comfortable, practical and simple
hygiene solution for high volume washrooms
Rolls per carton: 8
Meters per roll: 300
Suits dispenser: 70260, 70210 or DISPJUMBORES
Caprice Interleaved Towel
Offers superior drying and absorbency
qualities. The design reduces waste
making it a smart economical choice
Sleeves per carton: 16
Sheets per Sleeve: 150
Sheet Size: 26.5cm x 24cm
Suits dispenser: DISPDPIL
Caprice Interleaved Towel
Made from super absorbent materials
while being an economical, reliable
and portion-controllec product
Sleeves per carton: 16
Sheets per Sleeve: 150
Sheet Size: 24cm x 24cm
Suits dispenser: DISPDPIL
Caprice Ultrasoft Facial Tissues
A 2-ply soft tissue ideal forĀ 
Packs per carton: 48 / 24
Sheets per pack: 100 or 200
Suits dispenser: DISP4993

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