Kleenex Paper Range

Choose the Kleenex┬« Brand when you want them to know you care – a touch of luxury everyone appreciates.

4735 Kleenex Toilet Paper
Individually wrapped offering a
superior softness 2-ply sheet
Rolls per carton: 48
Sheets per roll: 400
Suits dispenser: DISP4978 or DISP4976
4782 Kleenex Jumbo Toilet Paper
A 2-ply comfortable, practical and simple
hygiene solution for high volume washrooms
Rolls per carton: 6
Meters per roll: 400
Suits dispenser: DISP70260 or DISP70210
4456 Scott Interleaved Towel
Optimum sized paper towel for single
sheet hand drying
Sleeves per carton: 24
Sheets per Sleeve: 120
Sheet Size: 24cm x 31cm
Suits dispenser: DISP70250
4720 Kleenex Facial Tissue
A 2-ply tissue making them a
softer and comfortable choice
Pack Size: 100 Sheets
Packs per carton: 48

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