Mops and Buckets 



Edco Durable Mop Head  Size: 400g
Colour: Blue, Red, Yellow or Green
Contractor Mop Head Size: 20, 24, 26 and 30
Colour: White
*20=350g, 24=450g, 26=500g, 30=600g
Microfibre Mops Size: 400mm and 600mm
Colour: Blue
*comes with extendable handle and swivel
head, refills available
Fringe Mops Size: 610mm and 910mm
Colour: Orange
*comes with frame and handle,
refills available
Squeeze Mops Size: 230mm and 300mm
Colour: Yellow sponge, aluminum handle
Wide Mouth Buckets Size: 16lt
Colour: Yellow, Blue, Green or Red

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