Bowline Toilet Cleaner 

Available in 1LT, 5LT and 15LT

BOWLINE is a highly concentrated citrus based
all natural acid cleaner for use as a cleaner and
scale remover in bathrooms and toilets.

Elimin 8 Air Freshener 

Available in 400ML Can

ELIMIN 8 is a floral disinfectant, deodorant room
spray. Ideal for hospitals, motels, hotels,
restaurants and schools to effectively deodorise
all types of offensive odour’s.

Enviro Clean H/D Cleaner and Disinfectant 

Available in 5LT and 15LT

 ENVIROCLEAN sanitisers and cleans all surfaces
and is safe on all metals including aluminium. It
removes a range of soils including fats, greases,
carbon and other industrial soils safely and quickly.

Lemon Disinfectant 

Available in 5LT and 15LT

 LEMON DISINFECTANT cleans, sanitisers and
deodorisers in one application. Its is safe on
all surfaces and is fully biodegradable.

Pine Fresh Disinfectant 

Available in 5LT and 15LT

 PINE FRESH is an ideal cleaner and sanitiser
for use in motels, hotels, surgeries and nursing

Tasgene Hospital Grade Disinfectant 

Available in 5LT and 15LT

 TASGENE kills gram positive and gram negative
bacteria by the agency of Q.A.C bactericides. It
deodorises and disinfects all surfaces and is phosphate free.

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