Aquadet Dishwashing Liquid

Available in 750Ml, 5LT and 15LT

AQUADET has a wide variety of uses including hand
dishwashing operations in all institutional areas such
as hospitals, food service, clubs and restaurants,
hard surface cleaning such as floors, cars and benchtops.

Clarity Anti-Bacterial Spray and Wipe

Available in 750ML, 5LT and 15LT

CLARITY has a lavender fragrance which can be used
to clean all types of hard surfaces including windows,
mirrors, benches, cupboards and appliances.
It’s unique antibacterial action will kill and remove
dangerous bacteria such as Salmonella.

Freedom RTU Sanitiser 

Available in 750ML and 5LT

 FREEDOM RTU is specifically used as the final rinse
sanitiser at the end of the standard wash program.

Super Red Multi Clean 

Available in 5LT and 15LT

 SUPER RED is a heavy duty industrial foaming
detergent formulated for the removal of fat, grease,
soil, dirt, animal and vegetable oils, carbon and most
industrial soils. It can be used on Hard Surfaces,
Kitchens, Floors, Bathrooms, Vehicles and Boats.

Supra Rinse (Rinse Aid)

Available in 5LT and 15LT

 SUPRA RINSE is a drying agent which when added
to the final rinse water of glass or dishwashing
machines, dramatically reduces drying time of washed articles.

Ultimate CL Dish Washing Liquid

Available in 5LT and 15LT

 ULTIMATE CL is a blend of heavy duty alkaline
detergents, soil suspending agents, anti-
scaling components and chlorine de-staining agents.

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